Saturday, July 14, 2012


Exhibition and Workshop at Haninge Konsthall.
Me and Rolf are making a public artwork for a school and some of the pupils of this school joined me in a workshop in the Konsthall for 3 days. Me and Rolf had splashed paint on the walls and the point was to see patterns, images, stories in these dots and connect them.

This is the Storyteller. Made by me and Rolf and is a part
of a public artwork for a school in Haninge, a suburb to Stockholm.
This is during the workshop. We are connecting the dots.

We connected the dots together!
Thank you:
Ibrahim, Firas, Jasmin, Exaucee, Asia, Sakina . Not to forget: Saif and Lisa that were not able to attend the opening so they are not on this photo!

The opening was very short and intense - just the way I like it! Me and the children had made a playlist, a melon-buffée and many children came and it was really a party-atmosphere. Everything lasted 30 minutes but we had human beatboxes , dancing and explaining about the images on the walls during this time.

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