Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Le Rond Universel

A film by Lisa Jeannin & Rolf Schuurmans

story and storyteller: Stéphane Jeannin
the juggler: Per-Henrik Fredriksson

This film is related to "The Tower of Insight" (see previous post) but can also be showed independently.

"Let me tell you what is passing through my mind" a firebug says.

A firebug and a bat are inside a room filled with fossils, sculptures, books, a model of the planetary system etc.

Through out the film the firebug is telling his reflections on astronomy, the concept of time etc via an amplified microphone while the bat is busy with different mysterious investigations in the room, listening to the thoughts of the firebug at the same time.

The text was improvised on the spot and recorded by an 6-year old boy who is thinking in a microcosmic and macrocosmic circular way at the same time.
The film reminds us that all humans are natural born philosophers and have the ability to realize that we are all part of the universe and should treat the Earth with greater care.

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