Wednesday, October 14, 2015


It all started with a package. Our daughter, Lila,  who was at this time 6 months old,  recieved a book from her grandfather. Inside the book was a curious letter.
The book was a collection of fairy tales about knights and chivalery. A short version of Don Quixote was included in this book but also a story by Paul Féval about a knight called Jeannin.
Our daughters grandfather hinted at the possibility that  we might be related to this knight and that the story was in fact not a work of fiction.
Sometimes fiction is more true than facts the letter ended.
We started a journey in search for the knight, but it  actually turned out to be more of an inner alchemical journey of discovery.
Solve et Coagula means to dissolve and recombine. It is how alchemists work.

Most actingparts in the film are played by members of the Jeannin family.

The film was shot in Bretagne and Sweden in 2014 and the animated parts were created and the film was edited and completed in 2015.
All the music was made by our daughter Lila when she was 7 months old using a moog-app on the i-pad. She had a period when she created dark ambient music that we think captures the soul of the film.

Le Chevalier Jeannin, jeune: Alexandre Salvaire
Le Chevalier Jeannin, vieux: Bernard Jeannin
Le Chevalier Jeannin, d’âge mûr: Lisa Jeannin
L´archange Michel: Lila Schuurmans- Jeannin
La Druidesse: Odile Jeannin
Le Soldat: Jens Soneryd
Le Duc Francois de Bretagne: Christophe Prothon
Le Mat: Per-Henrik Fredriksson

costume: Dejan Dosljak
Musique: Lila Schuurmans-Jeannin

Solve et Coagula
un film de 
Lisa Jeannin et Rolf Schuurmans

avec le soutien de: Konstnärsnämnden


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