Tuesday, July 31, 2012


This is a small piece filmed with super-8 inside our tower of insight. It is part of a film we are working on now that is connected to the tower.

The juggler is called Per-Henrik Fredriksson

Saturday, July 14, 2012


THE UNHOLY is a performance group

We are going on tour in September with our new performance SHADOW THEATRE

here you can see where we will perform under "about"


Exhibition and Workshop at Haninge Konsthall.
Me and Rolf are making a public artwork for a school and some of the pupils of this school joined me in a workshop in the Konsthall for 3 days. Me and Rolf had splashed paint on the walls and the point was to see patterns, images, stories in these dots and connect them.

This is the Storyteller. Made by me and Rolf and is a part
of a public artwork for a school in Haninge, a suburb to Stockholm.
This is during the workshop. We are connecting the dots.

We connected the dots together!
Thank you:
Ibrahim, Firas, Jasmin, Exaucee, Asia, Sakina . Not to forget: Saif and Lisa that were not able to attend the opening so they are not on this photo!

The opening was very short and intense - just the way I like it! Me and the children had made a playlist, a melon-buffée and many children came and it was really a party-atmosphere. Everything lasted 30 minutes but we had human beatboxes , dancing and explaining about the images on the walls during this time.

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The Tower of insight.

This is a small version of it.
We took part in a groupexhibition at Botkyrka Konsthall
may-october 2012

On the opening THE UNHOLY,
a performance-group consisting of me, Rolf , Per-Henrik Fredriksson and my tortoise Vilhelm
made a space-performance. We were metaphores for the dark energy in the universe.

you could enter the tower from stairs and look down on a circular film from a balcony projected on the bottom of the tower. Then it was possible to exit from other stairs in the back.

projection of a film inside the tower "Insiktstornet" 24 min

Botkyrka Konsthall

We built the tower in Hakebo where we live with the help of Per-Henrik Fredriksson and Juhani Vartiainen in april 2012


A film by Lisa Jeannin & Charlotte Koopman
made in 2000

music by Lisa Jeannin & Kristoffer Lindgren

The film was the entrance to a small sailors-quarter we built up in Artis, an artspace in Den Bosch in Holland together with Mats Adelman & Yvla Westerlund who made a tattoo-parlour and me and Charlotte made a house and a café where visitors could drink tequila sunrise and normal sunrise. The sailor syndrome is a syndrome I have invented the name for, it is when you feel at home everywhere and nowhere at the same time and you need to move on.

This film had a revival and was showed in Den Haag in 2012!


We had an exhibition at Christian Larsen Gallery in Stockholm 3 march - 22 april 2012.

We showed our film "Le Sous-Marin" and 2 sculptures and some handcolored photos.

Here is the exhibition-text:

We are in a submarine. We are in a room beneath the floor, we call it a submarine. It's furnished, there are intercepting devices and smoke is smoldering from a iron stove that has feet and arms. Black and white images flicker past - a man by the sea with the wind in his hair, a woman crosses over bridges, she waves. Here we can lay down on our backs and peer through the periscope and look at the world.

In Le Sous-Marin the art duo Lisa Jeannin and Rolf Schuurmans tell the tale of Jeannins father’s fragmentary story of a French submarine captain, her grandfather, by inviting the viewer into the vessel and to embark on a journey into a another reality. With their dream-like world where animation, drama, drawing and sculpture grow into and out of each other, Jeannin/Schuurmans show that reality in fact is an agreement we reached on a particular way of seeing the world - a way we call logical - while the world itself is really something else, something that unfolds far beyond the concept frames.

Jeannin/Schuurmans create their own distinct form of symbolism. Perennial is the turtle, spider, bridge, or as here, the submarine. The submarine is a paradox. It's our fixed-point in life, our protective cocoon. But it is also art as a journey - it is our craft in which we are allowed to travel, an amazing opportunity for excursions in both inner and outer space.

There are no instructions to Jeannin/Schuurmans artistry. There is no manual for interpretation and analysis, no answer book to adjust the experience to. No reality that holds exclusivity. Rather you should enter into their world and with listening eyes and sighted hearing succumb to the need for the language map and compass orientation. We encounter fragments of reality in all its contradictions.

With their art they want us to free ourselves from the distancing of analysis and to let go of the cognitive conducts we usually use for orientation. It may seem illogical, unrealistic or surreal, but one should persevere. What Jeannin/Schuurmans show us is that the world is not the reality – it consists of multiple realities.

Le Sous-Marin is Jeannin/Schuurmans first exhibition at Christian Larsen. Lisa Jeannin is educated at The Art Academy of Malmö (SWE) and The Art Academy of s'Hertogen Bosch (NL) and Rolf Schuurmans at The Art Academy of Tilburg (NL). They have made several exhibitions in Europe and USA.

/ Sara Skoglund



handcolored photos. "Le Sous-Marin 1-3 "

handcolored photo "The round window"

handcolored photo "Paulette"

A stove. There came smoke every 8 minutes.

Small submarine