Monday, November 2, 2015

First tryout of The Medicinewheel

We tested the medicinewheel while building up the exhibition at Örebro Länsmuseum. Here is  a short excerpt of a journey filmed by Jana Landerås, one of the translators for tactile signlanguage. The travelers were blind , deaf and some were translators . After the journey we did a sharing and everybody told about their experiences. The whole medicienwheel works like a resonating drum and it is very much possible for everybody no matter "disability" to travel in this way.
I was convinced it would work , but it was magical to make it happen. The travelers met falcons, were inside music, were running with buffaloherds, were running and riding on plains, travelled back in time and met their parents, walked in forests they have once seen ,  felt safe and protected by the wooden structure and the elementals we had built. 
It was a truly healing experience and gave inspiration to continue to explore journeying for the participants and for me to continue this path.
Feeling thankful that I could share this experience with the ones who were there.