Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Alchemist´s Kitchen and the Travelling medicine Show

We had a residency at Het Bos in Antwerpen.
During 3 weeks we worked with spagyrics and alchemy. Charlotte Koopman from Otark , who cooks there every sunday breakfastclub and regularly dinners in Het Bos , used our spagyrics, essential oils and hydrosols  in her cooking.

We had 2 tents. One for our apotechary and one with our films.
We had our laboratory with us and people could come for consultations or just hang out.

Photo by Mieke Verbijlen.

Charlotte created 5 alchemical ices with our spagyric elixirs.
  Moondala edition , printed by Risiko Press. Read more here

                                            Here are some more photos by Mieke Verbijlen:


A big thank you to the one and only Dejan Dosljak who sew the tents for us.
A big thank you to  Sophie Stefens , aka  Venus in Cancer
who played records and read the cards.

Read more about spagyrics and Alchemillas Apotek here.

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